12:06am July 24, 2014

Reese: You’re good at this, Carter.

Carter: That’s my job. And I didn’t even have to shoot anyone to do it.

11:51pm July 23, 2014


precious slightly terrifying ava

11:16pm July 23, 2014
11:15pm July 23, 2014


i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.

11:14pm July 23, 2014

Why do I have to do things that don’t include watching Person of Interest?

11:08pm July 23, 2014

Keeping running. Just don’t stop.

Keeping running. Just don’t stop.

11:04pm July 23, 2014


S4 E16 A - He doesn’t recognize his name in standard English.

10:54pm July 23, 2014


this is never going to not be funny 

10:50pm July 23, 2014


happy birthday to the plant princess ♥ * ♥ *

10:12pm July 23, 2014



jerry accidentally walked into someone elses interview so he backtracked and pulled out his phone and just scrolled through it in the middle of the red carpet

does art imitate life? or does life imitate art?

10:05pm July 23, 2014

Having recently discovered that watching someone else make a fresh start alone can be fairly traumatic, the lovers who could not touch were happy to find that making a fresh start together was a thrill.

9:49pm July 23, 2014


So, I was in the car today and saw someone with the license plate “X0DUS3 5”, so I thought it was like Exodus 3:5 and I looked it up, and do you know what it said?

"Do not come any closer."

6:36pm July 23, 2014


"Person of Interest" - Rewatch: S01E11 “Super”
"And I know you won’t carry a gun, but if I’m sending you back in the field, you’re getting some basic self-defense."
"Oh, I really don’t think…."
"No, listen up. If Trask comes at you, put your fingers  straight out like this and strike at his eyes."
"Poke him in the eyes? That’s your technique?"
"No, that’s your technique, and if that doesn’t work, you can always take your thumb, jam it in his eye socket, and twist till you hit his brain."
6:34pm July 23, 2014
6:01pm July 23, 2014


Speed: Unknown.


Size: Unknown.


The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.


Never engage this dragon.


Your only chance,


hide and pray it does not find you.